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Oral History Audio Tapes

We now have copies of the collection of oral history interviews that R.R. “Dick” Whittington did during the 1970s in addition to interviews done by Debbie Baldwin  (Montgomery County Historical Society) and other individuals. The museum staff is also currently doing these on a ongoing basis.

Below is a list of individuals, sorted by last name, that are in our collection.
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LAST, FIRST, (No. Tapes) 
Alexander, Carrie (2)
Alexander, Liza
Alexander, Mrs. C. E.
Ambers, Allan
Ambers, Bryan
Ambers, Jess
Ambers, Thelma
Anderson, Daisy (3)
Anderson, Martha
Anderson, Whit
Aston, Puddin
Atha, Allen (Hap)
Baker, Lyda (3)
Baldwin, Debbie (5)
Baldwin, Joe
Baldwin, Tom (4)
Barber, Luther (2)
Barrett, Francis
Beck, Wayne
Benson, Ed
Black, Bill
Black, Emory
Black, Type
Blackburn, Dave (& Mrs.)
Bobo, Oscar & Winnie
Bounds, Francis
Briley, Col. Finos O.
Brown, Ester
Brown, Reba (Watkins)
Bryant, Jim (2)
Buck, Jess
Bull, Lucye
Campbell, Kermit
Cannon, Laverne
Carter, Berry
Caruthers, Ann
Cauthron, Leo (& Mrs.) (3)
Chambers, Donald (& Family)
Cloud, Joe
Coffman, Gip (& wife)
Cook, Mattie
Crandall, Duane (4)
Crockett, Herny
Crump, Cecil
Crump, Dora
Davis, Doyle (& Mrs.)
Davis, Luther
Davis, Tom B.
Denman, Bro. R. B. (2)
Dillard, Lillie
Douglas, Lincoln
Doyle, Emaline (2)
Driggers, Austin & Bunny
Duke, Anna Mae
Dunaway, Shirley (Robbins)
Duncan, Nina (2)
Edwards, Pearl (Robins)
Elder, Della (Scott) (2)
Elder, Mr. & Mrs. Joe
Emery, Bro. J. P. (& Mrs.) (2)
Emery, Earl
Fair, Grady (2)
Fair, Willie
Featherston, Madie (Short)
Flatte, Roy
Foley, Dave (2)
Freeman, Darrell & Minnie
Fryar, Alice & Porter
Fryar, Arlie
Fryar, Emma (2)
Fryar, Mantha (Pettit)
Fryar, Mrs. Richard
Gantz, Bun
Gaston, Buster
Gaston, Dixie
Gaston, Frank (2)
Gaston, Granville (4)
Gaston, Nettie
Gaston, W.A.
Gibbs, Ocus (3)
Gibbs, Seldon
Gladden, Burton (2)
Godbehere, Ralph
Goodner, Boyd
LAST, FIRST, (No. Tapes) 
Gore, Bob
Graham, Jeff
Graham, Lela
Graham, Oscar & Lela (2)
Gray, Harry & June
Green, Jim
Greezen, John
Griffith, Joe (2)
Guinn, W. A. “Mack”  (3)
Guinn, Marcus (2)
Guttrey, Willie
Harper, Waymon (2)
Harris, Lois
Hatton, Willie
Hickey, Glen
Hickey, Sammy
Holt, Billie
Holt, Odessa
Hopper, Clarence (3)
Horn, Amos (2)
Horn, Dewey (2)
Houchens, Fletcher
Hughbanks, Mrs. P. L. (Maude)
Irons, Albert & Lydia
Irons, Bill
Jackson, George Sr.
Jackson, Jimmy
Jackson, Robert (2)
Johnson, David (2)
Jones, Clerval (& wife)
Jones, J. Fred
Keenom, Jack
Kennedy, Dr. Jack (2)
Kennedy, Guilford
Kirsey, John
Lauck, Chet (“Lum” of Lum-N-Abner)
Lawerence, Bun (3)
Lenderman, Harriate
Lenderman, Jim
Lenard, Raymond
Long, Huey
Lowery, Flossie
Loys, Aileen
Lybrand, Julius (& Mrs.) (2)
Maddox, Dempse
Maddox, Etta
Maddox, Ode
Martin, Charlie (3)
McClelland, Mr. & Mrs.
McCullar, Joe & Dolly (2)
McDowell, Edna
McGrew, Mr.
McKinney, A.
McKinney, I. J.
McKinney, Virgil
McMillian, Alice (Wingfield)
Meeks, Lonnie
Merchant, John
Minton, Herbert
Montgomery, Mrs.
Moreland, Patsy (Whittington) (2)
Morrison, Helen
Murphy, Damon
Murphy, Doll
Neal, C. T.
Norman, M. A.
Palmer, John
Pate, Preston
Phillips, Bill
Phillips, Dennis
Pierce, Carrol (2)
Pinkerton, "Mrs,"
Plyler, Sam
Pool, Joyce (Wingfield)
Porters, Alvin
Qualls, Cleo (2)
Qualls, Oscar (2)
Radford, Leo (3)
Ray, Cleo
Reece, Earl
Reed, Jess
Reed, Matt
Rice, Rub
LAST, FIRST, (No. Tapes) 
Risenhover, Margaret (2)
Roach, Ed (2)
Robbins, Cliff
Robins, Frank (3)
Robins, Jack
Robins, Nettie (3)
Ryan, Lillian
Scott, Ansel & Taye
Scott, Dortha (5)
Scott, Lloyd
Scott, Mace (2)
Scott, Marvin
Shaw, Audie & Bertha
Sheffield, Bill
Sheffield, Joe Pete
Sheffield, Josie
Sheffield, Pete & Nell
Short, Nellie & Lloyd
Short, Virginia (Bates) (3)
Simpson, Jim
Simpson, Joe (2)
Simpson, W. J. (2)
Singleton, Cal
Singleton, Lee (2)
Singleton, Will (2)
Smith, Ella
Smith, Elmer (& wife)
Smith, Frank (2)
Smith, Hiram
Smith, Hugh
Smith, Lige
Smith, Royal
Smith, Silla
Standridge, Arthur
Standridge, Tillman (3)
Stanley, Gilbert & Lillie
Stanley, Lee (6)
Stanley, Lottie
Steele, Jonathan
Stevens, Arthur (4)
Stovall, Bud
Sullivan, Rita
Summitt, Jeff
Summitt, John (4)
Summitt, Mattie (Tabor)
Swindle, Alice
Swindle, George
Swindle, James
Swindle, Sanders (2)
Swindle, Shay (10)
Talley, Lee & Mildred
Thurston, Cleo (Carr)
Tidwell, Wilbur, 
Tillery, Linda
Van Borkum, Harold (Numerous - Helped Dick w/interviews)
Vincent, P. D.
Vines, Linda
Wacaster, Elmer
Ward, Floyd
Warneke, P. G. (2)
Warnick, Donnie
Watkins, Harold
Watkins, William (3)
Watson, Firch
Watson, Quinton
Wattenberger, Mildred & Mr.
Wells, Lolla
West, Evelyn (Vaught) (2)
West, Howard Lee
West, Tom
Wheeler, Dall
Whittington, Dick
Widner, Silvia
Williams, Lester
Wingfield, Earl
Wingfield, Eunice (Bates)
Young, Roy

** Several of these audio tapes have been digitized and stored on one
of our computers in the museum and may be listened to by visitors.


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